Best hair dye for ladies

by on 16.07.2018

We’best hair dye for ladies not exactly first timers when it comes to coloring our hair. For years, we’ve put our locks through bleaching, dyeing, highlighting, chalking, and just about everything under the sun. What we’re still curious about, however, is henna hair dye.

Natural and a safe alternative for ladies who want to color their hair without damage or chemicals, henna is an excellent option. To get the whole story on henna, we turned to, Leigh Casbourne, LUSH brand and product trainer, who explained every single thing we need to know. Who should be using Henna hair dye? LUSH’s Henna Hair Dyes are perfect for anyone wanting to boost their hair’s natural shine or add a gloss of color with subtle shades of red, brown and black. Henna can be used on all types and textures of hair.