Dark hair color ideas

by on 10.05.2018

Get your daily dose of inspiration in fashion trends, women hairstyles and nail designs, find helpful makeup tutorials and style tips on Fashionisers. Silver hair is more than on trend right now. Of all the hair colors on the spectrum, silver hair is usually the most ignored, as we all will one day face it. Variations of silver hair colors that are becoming more and more popular are incorporating ombre trends, dark hair color ideas dark roots leading to long spans of gray hair and ending in colors ranging from stark snow white to some of the most vibrant shades of primary colors known to man.

With the onset of the popularity for silver hair, the enchantment surrounding the style has not faded, but grown. Silver hairstyles range from angelic to romantic and ethereal to rebelliously edgy. Incorporating tweaks to enhance silver hair guarantees that grey hair will be a great style option for some time to come. It is beautiful in very texture, ranging in appearance from strands of platinum to fluffy storm clouds. Anyone at any age can rock gray hair, and beautifully arrange it in a plethora of styles. Gray Prepping to Color Your Hair Gray Dyeing your hair grey or silver is an intense process that involves bleaching, so you can expect some damage.

The most ideal way to deal with this is to be prepared. Add in moisturizing and protein treatments as necessary to help with existing damage and provide more uniform hair. If you have dry hair that is prone to tangles, moisturizing treatments can help prevent some of that. Moisturized hair slides rather than catches making it easier to detangle and causing less breakage and damage. Used in moderation as you prep for this color process you can achieve mythically shimmering silver hair. Get a dusting or a trim to take care of split ends before they become worse and cause more damage. Choose the right shade and tone of gray hair.

The standard most people go by is whether your skin tone is warm or cool, but intent is key as well. Gray hair can very easily create a washed out look on someone very fair skinned if the shade is too light. To find out if you are warm or cool toned just check the veins you can see through your skin. The easiest place to spot this is the wrists. If your veins appear to be green or yellow, then congratulations! You are warm toned and your best bet is darker shades of silver hair.

If your veins appear to be either blue or purple, then congratulations! You are cool toned and your best is to go with lighter shades of grey. If you want to test it out, try a few wigs! Don’t want to buy a wig? Look into hair shadowing, which is temporarily coloring your hair with eye shadow. Wash out when you’re ready with no problem. There are even shiver hair sprays and hair chalks you can try.