Green hair dye

by on 17.07.2018

By continuing, your consent is assumed. Dozens of people say their hair was stained green green hair dye using L’Oreal Colorista dye.

But take a look at the reviews on Amazon, and many people say weeks or months after they used it, the colour has faded but left a dodgy mint or blue tinge behind. And yes, it happened to me as well. I used the lilac dye after previously getting my hair bleached and loved the result. Not so much the look I was going for. Unfortunately I read the warnings AFTER I had slathered the dye all over my hair and waited for it to take, so by this point it was already too late. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT- I used the lilac hair colour and although the colour was nice, when it came to wash out it made my hair bright frigging blue. I am not happy at all and have had to rebleach my hair to get rid of the blue.

Initially it was an OK colour although didn’t give very even coverage. Ladies I beg you not to buy this. After one use and one wash which all the purple washed out it has turned my hair green. Yes green reading the reviews I can see it has happened to a lot of people. I even bought the L’Oreal colour faded shampoo don’t bother waste of money. I dyed my hair yesterday my usual blonde again and you can still see a green tint.

My hairdresser has recommended I get it cut out. Please don’t buy this, it left my hair green and i had to go back to brown hair because of it. When I tried to get rid of it with colorb4, it turned vivid green and seems to be permanent. L’Oreal warns that people with bleached or blonde hair should not use the turquoise, burgundy, red or orange dyes. However, there’s no suggestion that lilac, blue or purple aren’t suitable for bleached or blonde hair.

I can confirm that the pink worked perfectly for me, with no green issues and a gradual fade out. I obviously did that because I didn’t want half measures lilac hair. I ended up having to get my hair sorted out in a salon when the green just wouldn’t shift, and the hairdresser put orange on it to try and neutralise it. Thankfully my hair lived to be dyed another colour, and it is no longer green and didn’t have to be cut off. But if you use the blue or the lilac, be aware that you could end up with more colour than planned. As with all hair colour products, the end-result will vary from individual to individual based different factors, including application techniques, hair condition and hair colour history.