Popular hair colors 2016

by on 31.05.2018

Purple hair is undoubtedly one of the hottest hair trends right now, but hey, so is Ombre! Whether you’re a salt-and-pepper Silver Fox or a full-on Gorgeous Gray, the popular hair colors 2016 shampoo is critical to keeping your gray hair looking vibrant and sexy.

Top Five Shampoos for Gray Hair! Shimmer Lights is the iconic brand of anti-yellowing shampoos. So iconic that Clairol doesn’t even promote it on their website! That’s how much Clairol hates gray hair! This dark purple Clairol classic is your grandmother’s gray hair shampoo and YES you should use it too!

But don’t be like granny and use it every day and become a “Blue Hair”. Use it only occasionally to get rid of any yellow tinge or brassiness. And be careful, this stuff stains your shower grout blue – permanently! The French beauty company Phyto specializes in plant-based beauty products.

Since gray hair has a tendency to get dry and wiry, conditioning is extra important! We included this on our list because it features organic ingredients, isn’t tested on animals, and contains no parabens, silicone, or mineral oils. Five Best Conditioners for Gray Hair. This shampoo also works well with highlighted, tinted or bleached hair. And alternate shampoo brands to avoid build up!

Glad to find this post, gonna try the Phyto next time. It was the only grey hair shampoo they sold at my Ulta! Worked for grandma, works for me! Been using it for months now and LOVE IT! Has anyone tried any of these? You’ll see that the Biosilk Silver is our number 2 recommendation, but we will check out the others and report back to you in a future blog post!