Red hair color ideas

by on 05.05.2018

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From rich coppery tones to lusciously deep ruby, here are the must-have beauty tips every flame-haired vixen needs to keep her locks looking shiny and sleek. Also find celebrity redhead inspiration for your next trip to the salon! Why everyone should lust for rust. Why Did I Get This Ad? Marie Claire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. With all of the cool technicolor hair we’re spotting on celebrities, Pinterest and Instagram this year, brown and blonde almost seem like radical choices. But whether you’re ready to taste the rainbow or just want to enhance your natural color, there’s never been a better time to dive in and dye it.

Let your true colors shine through, whether those colors are whimsical My Little Pony pastels, lustrous rose gold, sun-kissed highlights or rusty red. With expert hair colorists constantly perfecting ever better techniques for giving you a color that’s so you, the possibilities are basically endless, but we’ve narrowed our favorites down to 35. These cool hair color ideas are guaranteed to give you a fresh look for 2015, including a few that we’re sure you’ve never seen before. Ellen Freeman has been contributing to the Fashion Spot since 2010. Since graduating with a degree in comparative literature from Haverford College, her celebrity fashion, wellness, arts and travel writing has appeared in publications including the Matador Network and Philadelphia Weekly. Also a certified yoga instructor, Ellen currently lives in the Japanese countryside—but misses thrift store spelunking in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. Shades of red hair are the most impressive and bright!

While blondes and brunettes are arguing who looks showier and more beautiful, redheads are simply enjoying life. They don’t need to participate in absurd discussions. With such a bright hair color, they are just divine! Fiery reds and deep burgundy hues can be recommended for women of any age. Trendy Light Shades Of Red Hair The lighter shades of red hair flatter women and girls whose natural hair color is warm blonde. These are going to bring out the playful note of your look, softening your facial features and adding a naughty spark to your eyes.

This is an ideal shade for women with pale complexions. The mix of strawberry and rose colors adds warmth to cool toned complexions. Plus, it’s subdued enough to still work in conservative environments. 2: Amber Waves A signature color can be created by blending different shades of red hair. The look in this photo uses a darker shade for dimension and lighter hues to highlight for shape and structure. For old Hollywood waves, brush out curls made with a 2-inch barrel curling iron.

3: Punk Princess Turn heads with sunset colored strands. A hand-painted mixture of neon yellow, orange and peach creates a unique color that is equal parts pretty and punk rock. Make sure to keep your eyebrows a natural color and your makeup muted so the look doesn’t appear like a costume. 4: Fire Engine Red When you are rocking a vibrant shade, it’s best to keep lighter highlights to a minimum because they could dilute the hue.