Short hair color highlights

by on 30.07.2018

Get your daily dose of inspiration in fashion trends, women hairstyles and nail designs, find helpful makeup tutorials and style tips on Fashionisers. Short hairstyles for women ask little effort both in terms of styling them and caring for them, but yet short hair color highlights need to be creative to come up with a new look every day. What do you expect me to do on this short hair? Moreover, you can actually get very creative with short hair and find dozens of ways to add a variety to it every now and then.

10, not 20, not even 30, but entire 100 short hairstyles for women, from bob to pixie to undercut to bowl-cut hair. With a slight retro feeling to it, this style was killing it in the men’s fashion scene for months. It looks sexy with absolutely every outfit, it helps you appear more confident and sophisticated. You can easily switch it up to punk and crazy, depending on your mood.

Now, the color really is an addition based on preference. The vibrant blue is more than mystique but don’t be limited by it. Try out the colors that suit your skin tone. 90s Backstreet Boys look, don’t you? This short hairstyle is a great way to hide a forehead that is not your strongest asset, or simply stressing out an intense eye makeup. Start with breaking your hair free of any color, as that is the only way you will get this soft grey color in the back.

Once the base color is set, balayage the front with purple and blue shades, and there you go. Although short hairstyles for women never take too much time to take care of, you will still need to maintain the color, so make sure your hair doesn’t dry out because of intense coloring sessions and, of course, style it like a pro every morning. Most importantly though, you can actually style your hair yourself in only 15 minutes every day! It’s a heaven that many long-haired ladies out there will get dead-jealous of. Most importantly, make sure to use at least some hairspray on your curls, as you want them to stay fixated rather than playing a crazy game on your forehead.

Most importantly, your hair will not stay spiked without a generous amount of hair product. If you want to keep your hair a hair spray virgin, pick a much softer look that is doable with the help of a blow-dryer. Now, you’ve got two options, keep the hair straight and it will look mostly purple, or have more fun by going for slight curls. Go for this short hairstyle, if you are comfortable with your face features and are not trying to hide anything.

This bob will not only draw attention to your persona, but will also make your eyes or the lip color pop. Instead of combing them in one single wave, you can stop on multiple waves. Comb the hair with your fingers if you need to. Finally, you can settle for a very light hair color that can be completed with temporary pastel shades every week or month. Because our hair has a tendency to show copper undertones when bleached! If the color suits your skin tone, go for it.

Copper means no purple shampoos and regular color correction sessions. If your face shape is round, think twice before you ask your stylist for this look. You will end up looking like a blueberry donut. It’s less challenging than the undercut, much softer than the sharp bobs, and more elegant if you add this strawberry blonde color instead of a vibrant blue.