Short hair color

by on 28.05.2018

Celebrities know that nothing makes you feel brand new like a brand new short hair color, and that’s why they’re constantly changing up their locks with haircuts, extensions, hair color and bangs. Part of the American Media Inc. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Cutting your hair short can be liberating.

It takes less time to wash, dry, and style, and it can free you of the weight of long hair. However, short hair of any texture still requires some upkeep. Style your hair quickly with a damp comb or a spray bottle. If you want a quick way to combat bed head, hold your comb under running water or lightly mist your hair with a spray bottle. Once your hair is slightly damp, comb it into your favorite style. Another benefit of short hair is that you can use your fingers to create a cool hair style!

Just tousle your damp hair, then let it air dry. Care for Short Hair Step 2. Don’t forget that shorter hair doesn’t need as much product. A little gel or hairspray goes a long way when it comes to taming your short hair. Too much product can build up and cause your hair to look dull. Start with a dime-sized amount of the product you’re using and work from there. Care for Short Hair Step 3.

Use a spray designed to protect your hair if you heat style it. If a flat iron or a curling wand is an integral part of your short hairstyle, make sure you protect your hair by spraying it with a special product designed to react to heat. These products seal themselves around the cuticle when heat is applied to the hair, protecting it from breakage. Try roller setting your hair instead of heat styling it. Protect your hair from heat damage by using rollers. You may need to use a smaller roller in your hair if your hair is very short. If you have to go out while you have rollers in your hair, wrap a pretty scarf around your head.

Care for Short Hair Step 5. Use a light hair oil if you have dry or coarse hair. Keep your hair looking smooth and shiny with a lightweight hair serum made from a natural oil. The best serums for coarse hair contain fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins, like those made from Argan oil or coconut oil. Wrap your hair at night in a silk scarf.

A pillowcase can absorb moisture from your hair, and friction as you move your head across your pillow can cause your hair to break. Protect your hair by wrapping it in a silk scarf before you go to sleep. This will also help your hairstyle last longer. Care for Short Hair Step 7. Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo.

You should wash your hair whenever it starts to look oily, but depending on your hair’s texture, you might not need to condition your short hair every day. Fine, thin hair can look weighed down by product buildup. Instead, use a moisturizing shampoo every day and conditioner once or twice a week. Try co-washing if you have dry hair. Co-washing, or conditioner-only washing, involves using only conditioner to wash your hair. The idea is that the conditioner removes dirt and oil from your hair as you rinse, but doesn’t use any of the harsh cleansers found in traditional shampoo. You can use a regular conditioner or a special conditioning cleanser.